SORTIS Invest advised NASEKOMO, a global leader in industrial insect farming, on its convertible loan fundraising

SORTIS Invest advised NASEKOMO, a global leader in industrial insect farming, on its convertible loan fundraising

NASEKOMO, a leading insect breeding company situated in Bulgaria has completed a convertible loan fundraising from private investors with the assistance of SORTIS invest. The main purpose of the new funding was for the deployment of the industrial demonstrator and worldwide R&D center, as well as additional investments in their Black Soldier Fly (BSF, Hermetia illucens) genetics selection program, which is expected to significantly enhance yields, helping the industry to mature faster.

Founded in 2017, NASEKOMO breeds black soldier flies and produces insect protein, oil and fertilizer for the feed and agriculture industries. It also develops specific technologies and offer robotised, AI-driven, insect rearing solutions for third party insect bioconverters.  NASEKOMO is one of the very few Eastern European companies which advocate for the transition to circular economy (a green initiative aimed at Reducing, Reusing & Recycling resources, therefore prolonging any products’ life). The Company strives to substitute protein currently harvested from overfishing and destruction of rainforests, by replacing it with sustainably produced insect protein.


NASEKOMO Co-founder, Xavier Marcenac said: “The recent fundraise will help us demonstrate our capabilities, and accelerate the global transition to carbon neutral economy. SORTIS Invest really understands our mission, helped us broaden our investor base and introduced us to valuable potential clients and partners.”


Martin Paev, Managing Director of SORTIS Invest, added: “It has been a pleasure to work with Xavier Marcenac, Marc Bolard and the NASEKOMO team, helping them secure an investment for the next chapter of their journey. We, at SORTIS Invest, firmly believe in their value proposition and are convinced the new investment will help them solidify their leading position in the agri-food sector. NASEKOMO is not just a manufacturing company – it has the potential to become a trend setting player in the alternative protein industry.”



NASEKOMO is revolutionizing the human food chain by producing animal feeds from co-products from the agro-industry thanks to insect’s tremendous biological powers. The company’s products increase farmed animal outputs, welfare and health by incorporating insects into their diets, a historical component of their natural feed with amazing nutritional benefits and immunity enhancers. The agro-biotech startup impacts humans’ food by allowing higher quality proteins inclusion at better prices. NASEKOMO aims to have a positive impact on the environment by reducing food waste, cutting back greenhouse gas emissions, slowing depletion of fragile resources such as pure water, arable land and marine life stocks and improving Europe’s external dependency on proteins. Insects are the missing link in humans’ food life cycle and NASEKOMO strives to unleash their true beneficial potential for tomorrow’s sustainable world.



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