SORTIS provides asset management and advisory services to assist hotel owners and investors looking to improve the financial results of their properties and to increase their value.

Our expertise includes:

  • Assessing the current operational and financial status of your hotel by evaluating your internal processes against the best the industry can offer and making detailed recommendations on how to improve business performance.
  • Providing hotel management services by determining the most appropriate development strategy and introducing the world’s best professional practices in hospitality management in all fields, incl. sales and marketing, operations, logistics and internal controlling. Our work includes in-depth financial management services, estimating project cash flows and keeping track of investment returns.
  • Managing turnaround situations aimed at improving the performance and making the hotel a profitable and self-sustainable business.
  • Assisting in international branding by identifying the most appropriate international brand, negotiating the frame of the signing terms on behalf of the owner, revision of fees and the pre-opening budget, negotiating of regional exclusivity rights with regard to the brand’s own expansion and keeping the owner’s best rights to sell the property.
  • Providing independent expert assessment of the value of your hospitality property.

Our experience:

  • Sustainable relationships with international hotel brands
  • Long-lasting relationships with domestic and international travel and tourism industry partners
  • 100+ years combined track record in hotel management and operations
  • Strong financial background of the team, including business planning and forecasting, financial modelling and reporting