Football Talent Discovery App to Secure a €5.5 M in Series A Funding

Football Talent Discovery App to Secure a €5.5 M in Series A Funding

Tonsser, a start-up which offers football performance app and online community for young players, has raised €5.5 M in Series A funding round led by Alven Capital. The Denmark-based start-up allows players to track their performance and showcase their potential to teammates, coaches and scouts across Europe. So far launched in eight European countries, including France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Tonsser has claimed more than 800,000 registered football players.

In the core of the app lie technology and data – sport metrics which are transformed into a dynamic score for each individual player using advanced algorithms. In addition, the subscribers are able to upload photos and videos, highlighting their skills. Tonsser may well be described as the LinkedIn or Instagram for young football players.

Peter Holm, co-founder and CEO, is confident that his app will contribute for a more transparent and merit-oriented football industry:

“Across the football world, great performances by hard working players continue to go unnoticed. We want to democratize football by creating solutions where youth players are more likely to succeed based on their skills, not coincidence.”

SORTIS view:

Big data is revolutionizing sports by allowing detailed measurement and visualization of athletes’ performance, thus helping managers, coaches and players make more informed decisions. Still in its infancy, sports analytics industry has contributed for preventing non-contact injuries, improving scouting process and increasing competition among players. SORTIS believes the value of data-driven decisions in sports is yet to be fully unlocked as sports metrics will be found in a wide range of applications for the entire ecosystem.

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