New Startup Fund Launching in Bulgaria

New Startup Fund Launching in Bulgaria

Innovation Accelerator Bulgaria is a new fund that will invest in start-ups and innovative companies in Bulgaria. The resource will be entirely private. The Fund will be able to invest in five companies per year by providing initial venture capital of €25,000, or a total of €125,000. There are already identified potential start-up companies as well as interested investors, said Leona Aslanova for, Manager of the new fund.

The Fund participated in the competition for an investment fund manager of the government Fund of Funds. The process was unsuccessful for the organization, but in its preparation, the team gathers the necessary resources and contacts with both start-up entrepreneurs and investors and other institutions that fund start-ups in Bulgaria.

The target group of the new fund is start-ups and innovative companies that have not yet received funding, or entrepreneurs who have failed with their first company, but gained experience that could help them better implement their next project. The fund will look for digital expertise at the heart of the companies, but that does not mean it will only fund digital projects.

The team of the fund includes experts with experience in the start-up ecosystem. These are the founder Leona Aslanova, who is a consultant in the field of innovation of large international corporate clients and academic lecturer, Angel Angelov, finance and business development expert of start-up companies with international experience, and Venetsiya Netsova-Angova, project manager of more than 50 entrepreneurial initiatives in the Bulgarian start-up environment.

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