Bulgarian computer game Surviving Mars top seller on Steam

Bulgarian computer game Surviving Mars top seller on Steam

The newly-created Bulgarian video game Surviving Mars became the top seller on the popular gaming platform Steam on the day of its release, overtaking previous leaders PUBG and CS:GO.

Bulgarian video games studio Haemimont Games, creator of Surviving Mars is popular in the gaming world with Victor Vran action RPG, the Tropico management strategy sequence, and others, as well as the first commercially successful all-Bulgarian game – Tzar.

Surviving Mars is a strategy game attracting city builder games lovers as well as sci-fi fans. The game challenges players to carefully plan, establish and manage the first colony on Mars, emphasizing on the difficulties humanity might face in an attempt to colonize the Red Planet.

The game quickly gained popularity not only among gamers but also among critics. There are already a number of positive reviews of the game, as well as tutorials, gameplay videos, and articles on successfully completing the mission of colonizing Mars.

The game is published by Paradox Interactive, a leading global publisher of strategy games, and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


Official website of the game

Official website of the creator

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