Blockchain Firm Aeternity and Sofia-Based SoftUni Join Forces to Launch a Blockchain Incubator

Blockchain Firm Aeternity and Sofia-Based SoftUni Join Forces to Launch a Blockchain Incubator

Aeternity, a Bulgaria-based company developing a “blockchain 3.0” platform, alongside with Software University (SoftUni) announced the launching of Starfleet –  a series of incubator programs in support of the global blockchain community. The project aims to build a network of innovators, investors, and industry enthusiasts across several European countries.

Yanislav Malahov, founder of Aeternity, is confident the project will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology: “Today’s launch is the culmination of months of extensive research and preparation and underlines our commitment to be the enablers of innovation and to strengthen the already thriving blockchain community worldwide”. Aeternity was launched in 2016 and held a successful token offering in 2017 for its Aeon (AE) token.  The platform aims to increase the scalability of decentralized apps and smart contracts.

SoftUni, the other partner in the project, is a software professional education organization, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Hristo Tenchev, founder of SoftUni, also believes their blockchain-focused incubator program will bring benefits to the global crypto community: “I expect this program will contribute greatly to the blockchain startup ecosystem. With a significant concentration of technical talent and entrepreneurs, a blockchain-focused incubator program is exactly what the current ecosystem needs.”

Aeternity Ventures is to be in charge of the business side of the initiative. Its responsibilities shall include seeking strategic partnerships and funding of blockchain startups. SoftUni shall contribute with scholarships, innovative study curriculums, and seminars held by crypto experts.

“In order to allow the blockchain space to evolve and grow, it must be presented as more than just a buzzword, with real-life use cases being demonstrated that people can relate to. We believe the incubator and accelerator programs will enable the next-generation of blockchain projects to reach mainstream adoption,” said for Bitcoin Magazine Nikola Stojanow, CEO of Aeternity Ventures.

The first from a series of Starfleet programs is scheduled to begin in June 2018. The participants are expected to undergo an intensive one-month training and will have the opportunity to present their final project to potential investors. Morе programs are planned to take place in Lichtenstein, Germany, and Croatia.

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