Global Blockchain Acquires X2 Games

Global Blockchain Acquires X2 Games

The cryptocurrency-based investment company Global Blockchain (CN:BLOC) acquired the mobile game developer X2 Games. The deal is structured as a stock transaction, involving the issuance of 330,519,514 common shares of Global Blockchain at a price of $0.15 per share or the equivalent of $49.6 M.

With this investment, Global Blockchain is strengthening its positions in the growing computer game market, which is expected to hit $138 billion in 2018. X2 Games is experienced in creation of blockchain technology-integrated content. The company is focused on multiplayer products with unique design and cutting-edge technology applications such as augmented reality. X2 Games’ latest idea is to use artificial intelligence for the game engine that will twist the plot every time one plays.

Commenting on the acquisition, Global Blockchain’s president and CEO, Shidan Gouran said:

“Our conversations for collaboration with X2 have been in the making for close to a year now. As these relationships have strengthened, we have elected to capitalize on our synergies by way of an acquisition with X2.”


The gaming industry is one of the best use cases of the blockchain technology so far. If integrated and utilized successfully, X2 Games could turn into the most successful investment of Global Blockchain.

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