Romanian Recruitment Startup SmartDreamers Lands €1.2 Million to Catalyze International Expansion

Romanian Recruitment Startup SmartDreamers Lands €1.2 Million to Catalyze International Expansion

SmartDreamers, a startup helping companies reach and attract better job applicants, has secured €1.2 million in its latest investment round lead by Gapminder Venture Partners. The other recognizable name participating in the round was SmartDreamers’ early investor – Catalyst Romania, a fund initially sponsored by 3TS Capital Partners and currently mainly funded by the European Investment Fund.

Since inception in 2014, SmartDreamers has developed multiple social media recruitment tools that have been adopted by various Romanian companies. Funded by a $700,000 investment made in 2016, the company is focused on the automation of the recruitment marketing process. While SmartDreamers’ product has been tested in multiple markets and optimized for Central and Eastern Europe, the company aims higher, with the latest funding round expected to fuel global growth.

Adrian Daniel Cernat, the CEO and co-founder of SmartDreamers commented: “Four years ago we were looking fearfully at the global market from a small town in Romania; now, we are bravely addressing it. Top brands are running recruitment marketing campaigns using our tools in regions such as the United States, Singapore, Australia, and the UK.”


In the current environment of low unemployment, employer branding is becoming more and more important and companies are in competition to attract the best talent. This creates business opportunities for companies like SmartDreamers in the medium run.

While LinkedIn is turning into the leading recruitment platform aggregating substantial traffic, the hiring process has not experienced the level of innovation other industries are going through. We believe the recruitment business will be shaped by adoption of artificial intelligence in the screening, matching and initial stages of the hiring process.

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