SORTIS INVEST participated in the GlobalScope European Deal Making Days

SORTIS INVEST participated in the GlobalScope European Deal Making Days

On 18th of June 2021 GlobalScope Partners held its semi-annual regional conference. The purpose of the European Deal Making Days was to use the vast collaborative network to discover matching Sell-side & Buy-side companies. Each partner firm presented selected mandates and opportunities and then partners took advantage of the further opportunities to discuss ongoing project collaboration with the other GlobalScope members. At the virtual meeting, participants shared industry insights and valuable contacts, which opened doors for the development of strategic partnerships.

SORTIS Invest was represented by Mr. Martin Paev, CFA, Executive Director, who was joined by Mr. Nikola Yordanov – a newly appointed financial analyst eager to learn from European M&A industry leaders.

What is GlobalScope?

GlobalScope is a leading group of independent business advisers operating around the world to support clients in cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) transactions. The focus is on M&A and managing the diverse issues arising in the implementation of business growth or reorganization through acquisition, divestment, sale, licensing initiatives or joint ventures.

How did GlobalScope start?

In 1987 a small group of entrepreneurial corporate finance and business advisors came together to support clients in cross-border M&A transactions. 30 years later, this group has grown into an international family of like-minded entrepreneurs with deep local market roots and world-class sector expertise. The group now has 55 independent, successful firms with over 10,000 completed private company deals, and a track record which demonstrates that everyone in GlobalScope delivers optimal deal terms and superior valuations for our clients.

What are the core values of GlobalScope?

  • Openness & Comradery – enables effective communication and allows us to reach the best deal for clients
  • Relentless Entrepreneurism – looking for ways to enhance our business and provide improving services
  • Tier 1 Quality – satisfying clients through top quality maintained by all partner firms

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