SORTIS Partner Advises Leading Supplement Producer Alpha Foods On The Sale to Sylphar

SORTIS Partner Advises Leading Supplement Producer Alpha Foods On The Sale to Sylphar

Sylphar, the fast-growing Belgian company backed by Vendis Capital has expanded their consumer healthcare space through the acquisition of Alpha Foods, the Belgian digital-native brand of food supplements and vegan nutrition.

Target investments for Sylphar include companies, which produce innovative consumer friendly products.

Wolfgang Dorfner, the founder of Alpha Foods, created the brand in 2015. The purchased company’s operations are design, marketing and distribution of a range of nutritional supplements and vegan nutrition products that are sold exclusively online -mainly utilizing the company’s own web shop as well as Amazon. Through the use of Facebook and Google, Alpha Foods has been able to build a uniquely loyal community online. This internet customer base often provides valuable constructive feedback about new products, and has played a vital role in the fast popularization of the brand and its elixirs.

After the acquisition of Alpha Foods, Mr. Dorfner will join the investor team to continue driving marketing success in Alpha Foods, as well as other current businesses which Sylphar owns and actively manages.

SORTIS Invest’s partner – Carlsquare – successfully led Alpha Foods through the process and acted as their exclusive financial advisor.

Founder and CEO of Sylphar, Robin List explained: “We are extremely happy to welcome Wolfgang in the Sylphar organization and are looking forward to continue growing Alpha Foods in the years to come. The acquisition reinforces the existing group presence in the fast-growing food supplement and vegan nutrition category. I’m convinced that this partnership is a true win-win situation in which Wolfgang will bring his unique online expertise to our group and benefit from the full support of our organization in order to scale up Alpha Foods.”

Alpha foods CEO added: “I’m very excited to join the Sylphar family. Having run Alpha Foods by myself since launching it in 2015, I’m truly looking forward to the experience and support of Sylphar’s team in order to continue the Alpha Foods journey, as well as support the group’s other brands in their digital initiatives wherever I can.”


Alpha Foods, based near Ghent in Belgium, designs, markets and distributes a range of nutritional products in the form of powders. All ingredients used by Alpha Foods are plant-based, non-GMO and easy to make. Alpha Foods uses 100% recycled packaging, making their elixirs environmental, sustainable and healthy.


Sylphar is an omni-channel player in the consumer healthcare and cosmetics business. The main focus is on small-to-medium-sized B2C European companies, which have potential to join their OTC product line. In May 2017 Sylphar received a private equity investment from Vendis Capital. Since then, Sylphar has used the investment to diversify its portfolio from their oral hygiene brands into other strategic niche brands. Sylphar is implementing an aggressive buy-and-build strategy and their brands are now distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Carlsquare is a partner-run investment banking firm with offices in Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark that supports companies and their shareholders in the implementation of strategic goals. These are owner-managed and market leading enterprises, fast-growing start-ups with innovative technologies and business models, but also venture capital/private equity investors and corporations that want to create growth and increase value together with entrepreneurs. Carlsquare is member of Globalscope Partners.


SORTIS Invest is an investment banking boutique, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, part of SORTIS Group. It is a member of Globalscope Partners, a global family of 55 independent M&A firms in 46 countries with a team of 650 professionals and more than 10,000 completed mergers and acquisitions and private equity deals worldwide. SORTIS Invest advises corporations in valuation and financing related questions, as well as in the modelling of business cases. Our firm has an outstanding network and long-term experience in the areas of corporate finance and M&A.

SORTIS Invest has advised clients in various sectors including Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT), financial services, food and beverages, life sciences, chemicals, education, defense, manufacturing, energy, mining, transport and logistics, hospitality and real estate.

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